A Convenient Approach to Teeth Whitening

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The teeth may be durable enough to withstand chewing, but it is not resilient to the intense colors of certain food and beverages. If a patient mindlessly consumes pigmented substances, their teeth are more likely to appear lusterless and darker over time. Once this happens, they are more likely to become conscious and unconfident to smile or even talk around other people. Fortunately, they no longer have to restrict themselves by smiling sheepishly and avoid social interactions. With the help of teeth whitening treatments, patients can regain their bright and healthy-looking smile.

If a patient is too busy to take time off during the day, there is a convenient way for them to whiten their teeth effectively. At Magnolia Dental, we offer Life-Like brand take-home whitening kit. As its name implies, it is a treatment that can be performed conveniently at home. Although there are other over the counter offers like this, the difference of Life-Like Take-Home Whitening is, it is provided by a dentist. To know more about this particular teeth whitening system, read on below.

teeth whitening

It uses a high concentration of carbamide peroxide

Instead of 10%, dentists can now offer carbamide peroxide concentrations up to 30%. Despite this increase, the treatment has proven to be fast, safe, and has low sensitivity.

Prevents issues with the temporomandibular joint (TMJ)

Wearing teeth whitening trays for 30 minutes may make the patient experience TMJ issues. Fortunately, with the high concentration of carbamide peroxide of Life-Like whitening, the treatment can be completed in just half the time than usual.

Less sensitivity

Teeth whitening treatments usually cause sensitivity due to the wear time. As mentioned above, patients will use the Life-like whitening approach for a lesser time—preventing the dehydration of the teeth and promoting rapid rehydration.

Better patient compliance

If a treatment requires a longer time to complete, patients can get tired in complying. But by offering them a more convenient and quick approach, they are more likely to look forward to the outcome of the treatment.

One of the advantages of the Life-Like teeth whitening system that makes it an ideal approach is, patients can already see the results within just three days of starting the treatment. The length of the treatment depends on the type, cause, and depth of stains, but it can usually be completed between one to two weeks.


Have you always been conscious about your teeth but can’t make time to see the dentist to have them whitened? Our Life-Like brand take-home whitening kit at Magnolia Dental is the ideal approach for you! Take advantage of this through our Teeth Whitening in San Luis Obispo, CA.