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Emergency Dentistry
in San Luis Obispo, California

At Magnolia Dental, we realize that pain and emergencies rarely during regular business hours. That’s why we always strive to provide same-day emergency treatment for these unexpected issues.

Emergency Dentistry in San Luis Obispo, California

When your mouth hurts, you want relief fast. Tooth pain, swelling, and other issues can also be a sign of greater oral health concerns. You should have your mouth examined by a professional as soon as possible, but dentists are not always available. At Magnolia Dental, however, we offer emergency appointments!

Our team of friendly, highly trained professionals provide same-day emergency treatment for problems that pop up unexpectedly, such as serious pain, broken restorations or oral injuries.

What Is Emergency Dentistry?

We treat a variety of dental injuries and emergencies. However, sometimes, it can be hard to determine if you need urgent care. Here are the common emergency conditions that we see:

  • Broken or lost tooth: Broken or knocked-out teeth can sometimes be saved or further damage prevented if you act fast. Call us right away if your tooth has been broken or knocked-out.
  • Heavily bleeding tongue, lip, or cheek: If you experience a severe cut or other injuries on your lips, tongue, or other soft tissues, call our office for treatment.
  • Loose tooth: Adult teeth should not be loose. Contact Magnolia Dental for same-day treatment and avoid eating anything hard or sticky in the meantime!
  • Object stuck in teeth: If you can’t get something out of your teeth with floss, your dentist will be able to tell you if your situation is urgent. Pick up your phone, especially if the stuck object is causing you discomfort.
  • Broken crown or filling: If your crown or filling has broken or fallen out, save what you can and call for help.
  • Pericoronitis: Pericoronitis occurs when the wisdom teeth don’t come into the mouth properly. Symptoms include irritated gums, swelling of the gums, bad breath, and even difficulties opening the mouth. If you have any of these symptoms, you should consult with a dentist immediately.
  • Severe pain, especially if accompanied by swelling: You shouldn’t have to live with pain and the cause might be serious. It’s best to give us a call and get an opinion either way.

If your pain is accompanied by swelling, call us at Magnolia Dental in San Luis Obispo, California right away. That could be a sign of infection which could spread.

If you’re still wondering if you have a dental emergency, just call us and ask! We will be glad to help you.

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in San Luis Obispo

Brit T.
Yelp dental office review in San Luis Obispo, California
Dental office 5 stars review in San Luis Obispo, California

Brit T.

Was new to the area a few years back and a friend referred me. Love everyone here! So friendly, very knowledgeable. I always feel like I'm in good hands here.
Byron H.
Yelp dental office review in San Luis Obispo, California
Dental office 5 stars review in San Luis Obispo, California

Byron H.

This is actually a well-established office of Doctors Solomon and Hollister. Doctor Solomon is my elderly mother's dentist/oral surgeon, and she is extremely pleased with the care she's received here...and there's a fine old magnolia tree just outside the door!
Adrienne N.
Google dental office review in San Luis Obispo, California
Dental office 5 stars review in San Luis Obispo, California

Adrienne N.

Excellent dentists and wonderful staff. We've been patients at this dental office for 25 years. They have always been accommodating and offer the best in quality care. I can't recommend them highly enough!!!
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Christopher Wong, DDS, dentist in San Luis Obispo, California
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